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Ronnie O'Sullivan Completes a Whitewash Over Ross Bulman

The defending champion of the UK Championship, Ronnie O’Sullivan, was in action against Ross Bulman of Ireland. Just before kickoff, Ronnie said via Twitter that it was only an hour before he plays his opening game and declared himself ready and prepared for action. This ultimately shoved aside all suggestions that he has become a bit lackadaisical about recent tournaments.

The Rocket aureus has his eyes on the UK Championship crown. However, he would first have to do away with Ross Bulman. O’Sullivan got off to the front foot, claiming the first two frames. He won the first, thanks to an entertaining break of 90 having made an opening 85.

It was a busy day at the office for Bulman, who was already 2-0 down in a matter of minutes. Ronnie could have made a perfect maximum against the Irish amateur but opted to do something else, much to the amusement of the crowd.

O’Sullivan decided to go for the pink after the final red, much to the surprise of his fans before proceeding to lose the final pink. The Rocket was heard saying, ‘It’s alright!’ to a rather bewildered crowd who were surprised to see him go for the pink rather than the black.

In spite of that minute error, Ronnie made a break of 133. That must be the quickest century in this tournament so far.

Ronnie hit the final yellow before the referee made way to replace the brown and call for a foul. However, that didn’t hinder The Rocket from claiming the fourth frame with a break of 66.

O’Sullivan shunned another 147 chance but deservedly won the fifth frame, a frame away from a complete whitewash.

The former World Champion then quickly brought an abrupt end to Bulman’s UK Bull run. The Irish amateur did have some chances to turn things around or at least take a frame, but he ultimately succumbed to the energy and brilliance of O’Sullivan.

Elsewhere, the Rocket’s main rival, Judd Trump, made a serene start to his quest for a second UK championship crown as he made light work of Amiri with a 6-0 devastating finish.

Written by: Roland Arum

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