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Ronnie Makes It 11 Frames In A Row With Win Over Gould

Ronnie O’Sullivan has looked battled, ready all through the rounds at Glasgow, and his game with Martin Gould was no different.

The Rocket just before the start of the encounter went for a fist bump with Gould. The veteran earlier revealed that he had an OCD with germs, hence his refusal to accept the handshake offered to him by the referee last night. The 36 ranking titles winner instead went for a first bump.

That fist bump with Gould was just as plain as it looked, a simple greetings exchange. It didn’t in any way dissuade Ronnie from running riot on his opponent.

On paper, Gould, who’s currently ranked world number 53, wasn’t so distant from Ronnie.
However, in the reality of events that unfolded in Glasgow, he was miles below the 46-year-old.
The Englishman started on the back foot, missing a chance and affording O’Sullivan the chance to clear up and take the first frame with an incredible break of 109.

The second frame was much lengthier than the first. It was a thrilling frame that took about 30minutes. In fact, by this time last night, Ronnie had already completed a whitewash win over world number 118, James Cahill.

Gould was first to pot but slipped behind Ronnie, who gained a 45-4 lead. However, the veteran soon missed a tough red. Afterward, a safety exchange followed with O’Sullivan adding to his lead and leaving Gould with no option but to gain three snookers.

He did just that with a couple of impressive plays but ultimately missed on the final red, allowing the Rocket back in to take the frame.

Ronnie wasn’t done yet. The 46-year-old who’s been sensational lately opted for a blue after a fifth red then goes on to make an incredible break of 110.

The Rocket was running riot and was in the mood for complete demolition. He was just one frame away from victory and would by no means delay the win. He needed just one more visit to the table to wrap up the proceedings, and he was able to as Gould fell short once again.
It was a really difficult afternoon for Gould as Ronnie completed a 4-0 whitewash over him.

Roland Arum

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