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Judd Trump emerges Winner of the Northern Ireland Open

It was a fantastic cum thrilling match between Ronnie O’Sullivan and Judd Trump, exactly the kind of final most people would have loved to see.

The game of 17 frames was not short of tense and nervy moments, jaw-breaking moves, dramatic plot twists, and lips-biting situations. For about eight hours, the crowd were treated to a repeat of the 2018 finals as they watched two favorites slug it out for the ultimate crown.

Judd Trump got off to a strong start, securing the first frame in the most Juddernaut-esque fashion. Trump hammered a red into the corner with a fluent break of 68 to nail the first frame, much to the delight of the cheering crowd. He came off cushions at speed left, right and centre with no shortage of that signature cue-ball
control he is admired for.

In two significant visits to the table, he took the second frame as well. He seemed to be the most fluent of the superstars and was running riot. Ronnie has a barrage of questions to answer already!

And he did that quickly in the third frame. The Rocket, in just over five minutes, halved the deficit, racking up a clearance of 126. A section of the crowd was in a frenzy, showing their support for the Rocket.

Well, that joy was short-lived as Trump quickly made it 3-1, restoring the two-frame gap. It’s two bites at the cherry now needed for the Rocket to level matters with his opponent, and he started with a large bite. The Rocket punished Juddernaut for missing a long red with a break of 89.

Trump was unwilling to let go of that two-frame advantage gave it his all and made it 4-2 after six frames. He then made this gap even wider as he added another to make it 5-2.
A topsy-turvy evening for the pair it was as Ronnie came back within touching distance, having won the following two frames to make it 5-4.

Trump once again restored the two-frame lead. As has been the case through the night, the lead should not last; however, none in Belfast will be asking for their money back. The crowd are excited. This is snooker of the highest calibre!

After a whopping 17 frames, Trump sealed it with a 9-7 win over Ronnie O’Sullivan, 14th ranking title of his career. What a way to record such a landmark!

Written by: Roland Arum

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