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Eden Sharav Shows Shawn Murphy The Exit Door

It’s day 3 of the UK Championship, and it’s a series of thrilling performances by the players that have kept fans glued to their seats. One of such exciting performances was the duel between Eden Sharav and Shawn Murphy.

Eden Sharav took to the table to take on former UK champion, Shawn Murphy. Murphy must have been looking at himself in the next round just before the encounter. For many punters, it was expected to be a walk in the park for Murphy. However, things didn’t go as planned, and Murphy would at the junction have to wave this tournament goodbye.

World number 121, Sharav scored the biggest shock of the tournament this term when he beat Shawn Murphy by a 6-4 scoreline. It is the second year on the bounce that Murphy, who was at some point UK champion, crashed out in the pre-televised stage in New York.

Just last year, the former UK Champion lost to Chen Feilong, another non-elite snooker professional who features just outside the top 100.

Sharav, who is Scottish by residence and Israeli by birth, makes way to the last-64, where he is expected to lock horns with Daniel Wells.

Murphy was in full control of the game by the match interval with top breaks of 82 and 88, helping with a comfortable 3-1 win. However, Sharav unwilling to get kicked out from the competition in such manner, fought back, and did so brilliantly. With breaks of 54, 49, and 70, Sharav’s comeback was complete.

The following two frames were then shared between Sharav and Murphy to make the lead 5-4. “It’s the best win of my career,” said the 27-year-old Israeli, who had lost all six of his previous matches this season. “I’ve had no confidence this season, but I kept fighting today at 3-1 down. I have been practicing up to nine hours a day recently, and hopefully, I can push on from this.”

Murphy, on the other hand, expressed his disappointment with the outcome of the result since according to he’s been having a very fine good season and prepared well for the UK Championship tournament.

Written by: Roland Arum

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